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Vibration measurement technology
Service & Machine Diagnostics

Our Services

db Vibro

As a partner for industry and the construction sector, the energy supply and waste disposal industry and public clients, we work as a professional service provider across Europe.

Technical consultation

  • For vibration related problems
  • For the selection and application of vibration measurement and analysis technology
  • For machine protection and machine equipment with vibration monitoring systems


  • Of measurements for the assessment of vibrations
    (DIN ISO 20816, 10816, 7919)
  • Vibration diagnostic machine analyses
  • On-site balancing service (DIN ISO 21940)
  • Contract balancing (DIN ISO 21940-11)


  • Data evaluation and assessment of the machine condition
  • Installation of hardware and software for vibration monitoring systems
  • Customised measurement technology and accessories
  • Repair service on site

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the right strategy for monitoring machines and aggregates. We support you in this and create a complete concept, customized to your demands and requirements.

Measure, analyze, fix!

We can measure the vibration level on site. The spectrum analyzer detects all kinds of faults and/or defects. If there is a problem, this is analyzed in detail and addressed. In the following phase, db Vibro can fix the problem permanently.


If undesirably large vibrations occur in a machine, fast action is required – especially in modern production facilities with high hourly rates. The first step is always measurement-based diagnosis.

Examples of defects that can be detected with the help of vibration analysis

Gearbox and coupling defects

  • Tooth damage
  • Broken and worn teeth
  • Rotor and shaft defects
  • Bent and broken shaft
  • Loose components

Defective bearings and non-circular pins

  • Damage to the inner or outer ring
  • Damage to the roller elements
  • Broken cages

Misalignment and distortion, resonances

  • Loose components and play
  • Unbalance (including on-site balancing)
  • Resonance areas (use of stop test)
  • Blade resonance

db Vibro was founded by me, Daniel Basic, who has specialized in customized, brand-independent solutions after many years of experience in the field of vibration measurement technology and customer service. Training courses such as CAT III certification are available.


I look forward to support you with your vibration challenges and data analysis and to find the right solution for you.

db Vibro short introduction

Our service includes the complete handling of a measurement investigation, i.e. conception, realization and evaluation of the measurement results. Assessments as well as recommendations for damage prevention or optimization measures are also part of our service offer upon request.


Supported by our comprehensive modern measuring equipment, we can start an investigation at short notice in most cases. In the case of on-site damage investigations, the flexible use of measuring equipment in particular guarantees optimal analysis options for determining the cause.


If the problem requires the recording of changing operating conditions over a longer period of time, we can offer an integrated concept. It includes the installation and preparation of the necessary measuring equipment as well as an evaluation of the measurement results.

Official distributor for vibration measurement technology in Germany

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We provide services to customers from the following industries

    General mechanical engineering

    Plant engineering

    Chemical industry

    Medical and dental technology

    Agricultural technology

    Manufacturers and inspectors of electrical machines

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Manufacturers and inspectors of pumps


Together with our partners we offer the best results.

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Are you looking for an expert in vibration technology and measurement diagnostics?


Thank you for your interest in our service. Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or need a quote.

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